[WKRC] New Exhibit Celebrates 200 Years of Jewish Influence in Cincinnati

QUEENSGATE, Ohio (WKRC) - Cincinnati is home to roughly 32,000 Jewish people with many of their ancestors helping to shape the city we know. Inside the Cincinnati Museum Center, a new exhibit celebrates 200 years of Jewish influence in the Queen City with stories of the many contributions. …

[CAM] Jewish American Artists and the Gilded Age with Samantha Baskind

This lecture looks at Henry Mosler and Moses Jacob Ezekiel, one-time Cincinnatians who went on to achieve great fame in their day, and their vital contributions to Jewish American art. - WATCH HERE

[WLWT] 'Let's Talk Cincy' Highlights the Jewish Cincinnati Bicentennial

The objective of the Jewish Cincinnati Bicentennial is to ELEVATE, INSPIRE, and CONNECT and that means examining the Jewish community in Cincinnati during the last 200 years, where it is now, and where it is going. This episode of Let's Talk Cincy focuses on those issues - WATCH HERE.

[WVXU] Exhibit explores 200 years of Jewish life in Cincinnati

Cincinnati's Jewish community marks the dedication of the Chestnut Street Cemetery in September 1821 as the beginning of communal life in the Queen City. A 14-month-long bicentennial is in full swing across the city. An exhibit opening Friday at the Cincinnati Museum Center explores the last…

[Cincinnati Enquirer] Muslims & Jews have Strong History of Mutual Support

by Shakila Ahmad, Opinion Contributor / Photo: The Enquirer/Cara Owsley

 As I reflect upon the past two centuries of Jewish life in Cincinnati, I begin with my earliest recollections of moving to this region as a child. At that time, there were so few Muslim families that we could count th…