2021 marks the 200th anniversary of Jewish community life in the city of Cincinnati, which formally began with the founding of Chestnut Street Cemetery. The Jewish community and the City of Cincinnati will commemorate this significant milestone through community celebrations, multi-generational programs and interactive experiences.
This milestone provides an opportunity for both celebration and reflection, and presents a compelling opportunity for the community to come together as one. Cincinnati’s Jewish community can boast myriad achievements, not least of which is the role the community has played in the history and development of greater Cincinnati. Both the Jewish community and the city overall have an opportunity to commemorate this historic milestone in our shared history, and to dream about what comes next.



A pivotal moment in our history, the mission of the Jewish Cincinnati Bicentennial is to partner with local organizations to reflect, share and celebrate the significance and pride that Jewish life in Cincinnati has woven into the fabric of our region.



The vision of the Bicentennial is for the community to pioneer boldly into the future, to continue making the region a better place for all. This celebration hopes to weave Jewish traditions and partnerships into the city's fabric, ensuring Cincinnati is a place where immigrants and minorities can have a lasting impact. 



We want to use the 200th milestone to demonstrate the positive impact immigrants and minorities have had on our nation, by amplifying the significant influence Jewish immigrants had in Cincinnati, America’s Jewish communities as a whole, and therefore the entire country. Cincinnati was the hub that connected Jews to the rest of the US. Without Cincinnati Jewish history, US history would look radically different.

We want to inspire future generations to be proud of their heritage. Cincinnati is a place where people can own their identities, regardless of background, with pride and blaze a pioneering trail to the future.

We want to build bridges throughout the community to create new partnerships, rekindle old collaborations, and engage diverse audiences in dialogue and participation together. We want everyone living in Cincinnati, no matter what race or religion, to be part of our shared story by honoring the distinct cultural and religious traditions we each carry.

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